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Zafu Meditation Cushion

£25.00 GBP

- Fits All Sizes

  • A firm zafu cushion.
  • Triple-screened buckwheat hull filling moulds to the shape of your body without losing height or compromising posture.
  • Teacher approved. Used in meditation classes, NHS mindfulness centres and yoga studios all over the UK.
  • Use with a CalmingBreath zabuton meditation mat for even deeper comfort and stability in all cross-legged postures.



Starting a meditation practice is the best thing you will ever do. Not only are you doing something for yourself, but for everyone around you. The type of seat you choose should not just reflect the spirit of your practice, but enhance and encourage that practice.

Made by Meditators, for Meditators

At CalmingBreath we take posture seriously. We understand that you need to be well supported in order to avoid unnecessary pain, especially during long sessions and on retreat. Nothing dampens a budding new practice like a bad seat!

Conforming to Comfort

The triple screen graded buckwheat hulls in our zafu allow you to carefully adjust the angle of your seat without losing height or compromising posture. The cushion has just enough "give" to be comfortable, even for long periods, and the cotton cover is tough and durable.

One Last Thing

All CalmingBreath seats come with full instructions. And if you have trouble, you can contact us for help and advice. We'd love to hear from you.

Practice well...

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