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Rectangular Yoga Bolster

£40.00 GBP

- Rectangular, Cotton - Buckwheat Filled

  • Cotton, Rectangular Yoga Bolster with a broad, flat surface ideal for all types of restorative yoga. Doubles as an ideal seat for all cross legged meditation postures and kneeling positions such as supported vajrasana (hero's pose).
  • Filled with triple cleaned buckwheat for superior support with just enough "give" to be really comfortable.
  • Outer cover can easily be removed for washing. Carry handle makes the CalmingBreath yoga bolsters easy to take to class.
  • Size: Approx. 63cm long by 30cm wide and 18cm high. Weight: 5kg.


Support your spine during heart opening back bends, and restorative forward bends. Use under the knees when lying down to meditate or in Savansana (corpse pose) to avoid lower back pain. This high quality yoga bolster also doubles as the perfect meditation cushion!

Broad, Flat Surface
The CalmingBreath rectangular buckwheat yoga bolster is firm yet giving and provides a high level of support during back bends and forward bends. It's broad, flat surface makes it idea for restorative yoga as you can remain comfortable for longer in supported asanas.

Removable Cover
It has a removable, cotton outer cover for easy washing at low temperatures and a discreet carry handle so it's easy to take to class.

The bolster is filled with buckwheat hulls that have been triple cleaned and graded giving you peace of mind and body when using.

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