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Crescent Meditation Cushion

£25.00 GBP

- Larger Size for Wider Hips & Less Flexible Meditators

  • Larger than our standard zafu cushion: 46cm x 30cm x 16cm high, sloping down to around 10cm to promote better posture in cross-legged postures
  • Cotton zafu meditation cushion in a variety of gorgeous colours
  • Filled with triple screen graded buckwheat hulls. No nasty pesticides or chemicals
  • Weighs approximately 2kg and fits all sizes. Use with a Calming Breath Zabuton meditation mat for best results.



Need a larger zafu cushion to be comfortable in meditation?

The Calming Breath Large Crescent Zafu is considerably wider than our standard meditation cushion, but every bit as comfortable and made from cotton and triple screen graded buckwheat hulls that never lose their height.

The cushion is 46cm wide by 30cm from front to back. And at 16cm high, sloping downward to approximately 10cm it's extremely well balanced and allows for a great deal of adjustment in all cross legged sitting postures.


One Last Thing

All CalmingBreath seats come with full instructions. And if you have trouble, you can contact us for help and advice. We'd love to hear from you.

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