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Buckwheat Pillow - Standard Size 48cm x 74cm

£28.00 GBP

Great for Neck Pain, Headaches & Side Sleeping

  • Triple-cleaned buckwheat pillow with cotton cover-improves sleep by relieving neck, shoulder, and upper back pain .
  • Standard size: 48cm x 74cm - Fits ANY Pillowcase
  • Moulds to the contours of your neck and shoulders when used for sleeping or to the small of your back when used as a chair support.
  • Gives cooling comfort during Winter or warm relief during Summer-allows air to circulate freely.
  • Works for all sleep postures.


No More Neck Pain!

The CalmingBreath Buckwheat Pillow moulds to the shape of your neck and shoulders providing firm support that will leave you pain free and feeling refreshed in the morning. You can shift the buckwheat around to suit any sleep posture so side sleepers, front sleepers and back sleepers alike will benefit from a great nights sleep.


Cool in summer, warm in winter

The triple cleaned, dust free buckwheat stays beautifully cool in summer and warm in winter. The cover is made from thick cotton and has a zipper so you can add or remove buckwheat as you like.

Standard:48cm x 74cm - Fits ANY Pillowcase


Order your CalmingBreath Buckwheat Pillow and say goodbye to neck pain forever!

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