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How To Choose A Meditation Cushion
Not sure what kind of cushion will work best for you?
There are 4 types of meditation cushions, each of
which should go with a meditation mat.
Here’s a quick guide to choosing the best fit for your
body and your practice.

Standard Round Zafu Cushion - Regular Fit

Most people will want to choose either the standard round zafu cushion or the yoga cushion. If you’re a fairly regular build with average flexibility, then these are the cushions for you. The round zafus measure 35cm in diameter and are 15cm high. They fit all sizes up to 6ft 4″. The round zafus are our most popular type of cushion.

Standard Yoga Meditation Cushions - Regular Fit

The yoga cushions are not just for yoga! They’re another standard zafu, but with a removable, washable cover, which makes them an even better seat for taking to class, or for teachers. If you’re a fairly regular shape, then these cushions are fantastic. They’re our BEST cushions. The cushion measures 31cm diameter by 16cm high approximately. Again they will fit all sizes to 6ft 4″.

Large Crescent Zafu Cushions - Wider Hips

If you’re a little wider than you once were, or are particularly tall, or inflexible, then this is the seat for you. Our crescent zafus weigh about the same as a standard cushion (around 2kg) but are 46cm wide, providing a lot of extra room. They’re also 16cm high, which gives just that little extra height for the tall or inflexible.

Studio Meditation Cushion - Regular Fit, Travel Size
The studio cushion is ideal for teachers and students alike who need to travel with their cushions.
They’re small and light but with plenty of room for almost alnyone to sit comfortably. They also come with a washable cover.
The Importance of a Meditation Mat

Most people will benefit from getting a matching mat to go with their cushion. Though we sell the cushions separately, they are best paired with a zabuton mat, and buying them as a set works out considerably cheaper. Our “deep comfort” zabutons are 70cm x 90cm x 15cm high and will help cushion your ankles and knees during longer sessions. They also help insulate against cold floors and look great as part of a home meditation space.


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