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Meditation Guide



Meditate In Comfort

If you've just started meditation classes then you already know that being comfortable while you sit for long periods is essential. It's easy to find the right seat, just start with our expert meditation seat guide. All of our meditation seats come with a lifetime guarantee and free returns. You can find our cushions in meditation halls, churches, mindfulness centres and NHS practices all over the country. Whatever your style of practice we have a seat for you. 

CalmingBreath standard round meditation cushion set CalmingBreath large crescent zafu meditation cushion set CalmingBreath standard yoga meditation cushion set CalmingBreath "Tall Rondo" meditation cushion set

Standard round sets
Our standard round meditation cushion sets are our best sellers and fit pretty much everyone.

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Large crescent sets
The crescent sets give a little more height and a lot more width for slightly bigger bottoms.

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Standard yoga sets
Our new yoga cushions are for all types of meditation and have excellent removable covers!

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"Tall Rondo" sets
And lastly, the "tall rondo" sets are for the really tall (over 6ft 4) or really inflexible

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CalmingBreath Meditation Seat GuideChoosing the Right Seat

Not sure what meditation seat to buy? You can find out exactly which seat will fit you best by reading our expert meditation seat guide


Learn More About CalmingBreath

CalmingBreath is a small company based in Lancashire specialising in meditation cushions, buckwheat pillows and other buckwheat filled products. Learn more at our about page.

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